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boundaries of the state of Arkansas, as
defined by the constitution thereof, adopted
by a convention of the representatives of
the people of said state, on the 30th day of
January Anno Domini eighteen hundred
and thirty six, being the same boundaries
which limited the area of the territory of
Arkansas as it existed prior to that time.
Article II.
Declaration of Rights.
That the great and essential principles
of liberty and free government may be un-
alterably established We Declare :-
Sec. 1. That all men, when they form a
social compact are equal, and-
have certain inherent and indefeasi-
ble rights, amongst which are those of
enjoying and defending life and liberty;
of acquiring, possessing and protecting
property and reputation; and of pursuing
their own happiness.
Sec. 2. That all power is inherent in the
people; and all free governments are
founded on their authority, and insti
tuted for their peace, safety and happiness.
For the advancement of these ends, they
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1864 Arkansas Constitution

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